Our Puppy Placing Process

When a potential client contacts me for the first time I start by finding out if they have previously owned or experienced the breed in anyway. If they haven’t owned a Cane Corso before, I find out how much knowledge of the breed they have and usually recommend they do extensive research so they can be sure the Cane Corso is the right breed for their lifestyle.

AKC Registered Cane Corso Puppies in MO
ICCF Registered Cane Corso Puppies in Missouri

After I feel the potential client has enough knowledge on what owning a Cane Corso involves, we discuss what other factors are important for raising a healthy and happy Corso that will become a beloved member of their family. Another important requirement is space. Yard space or room for the dog to exercise both physically and mentally is key. Cane Corsos are owner driven. That means they crave time with their owners and want to please! It is important to understand the Cane Corso’s extreme intelligence and that a bored dog is a bad dog. Time for the dog is crucial.

We do our absolute best to ensure that our Cane Corso puppies are going to their forever homes. These puppies grow up to be strong, sizable dogs that require their owner’s commitment to giving them the time and attention needed to keep them mentally engaged and physically happy. With the high demand for our puppies and our thorough adoption approval process, we recommend applying and making a deposit prior to the delivery of the litter. As the litter reaches five weeks of age, approved clients will then be allowed to choose their puppy in the order of the deposits received. The puppies will be ready for placement at eight weeks of age.