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Highly Recommend! Great Owner!

We were so glad to have found Wes with Ford 45 Cane Corsos. We had done alot of research and were looking for a breeder to bring home a Cane Corso of our own. 

Wes was great to work with from day one and was always available to answer any questions. You can tell he really cares for the breed and his Corsos. We were able to visit the the puppies around 5 weeks and picked out our girl! Wes was so helpful with the whole process and made us feel like part of the family. Just seeing the care he has for his own Corsos reassured us we were working with the right breeder. 

If you’re looking for a working breed and a family companion we highly recommend Wes and Ford 45 Cane Corso! 

Dane Miller & Family - IA.

Very Knowledgeable! Great Reputation!

When we decided we wanted to purchase a dog for our family, we had a lot of very specific criteria and expectations. We had owned dogs in the past, but never a Cane Corso. We researched the breed and decided that a Cane Corso would be a good fit for our family.

After deciding that we wanted to focus our search strictly on a Cane Corso, we began researching breeders. We were looking for specific look and temperament. Although there were many breeders located closer to our residence, we choose Ford 45s Cane Corso for a few different reasons.

The main reason we felt comfortable choosing Ford 45s kennels for our Cane Corso was the research and knowledge that Wes was able to provide about his dogs and the breed in general. We also felt like the Wes really was looking out for the best interest of his pups, and felt like he wanted to make sure we would be a good fit before allowing us to choose one of his pups.

Another major factor that lead us to purchase a pup from Ford 45s Kennels is Wes allowed us time to meet his dogs in person. Wes was very open to communicate about his dogs and allowed us to bring our children to meet the Sire and Dame before our pup was born. This made us feel very comfortable throughout the whole purchasing experience.

Wes keep us updated the entire process and let us know as soon as the litter was born. It was an exciting process. After our pup was born, Wes sent pictures and updates on size and growth process. Wes allowed us to come meet the pups before we would choose the pup we thought would have the best temperament for our family.

When it was time to pick up our pup, Wes provided detailed vet records and certifications.

Cato is a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn’t ask for a better dog. He is everything a Cane Corso should be. He is loyal and a guardian for our daughters.

We are grateful to Wes and his family for providing us with such a well-balanced and loyal Cane Corso. He truly is the perfect addition to our family and everything we hoped he would be.

We love that we have a relationship with Wes and his family. We love that we can share updates and Wes is always available for any questions and concerns we may have.

It shows that Wes and his Family truly have a love for his dog and the breed. If and when we decide to choose another dog, we will go straight to Ford 45s Cane Corsos.

Jacob Wyatt & Family - KS.

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